TRIMESTER PATTERN : SSm offers Two Years Full Time MBA programme in Trimester Pattern. In six Trimesters 32 Management subjects are covered.

DUAL SPECIALIZATION : Students get the opportunity to specialize in Two functional areas like Marketing, Finance, HRM, Systems, International Business, Production & Operations, Hospital Management.

MILA (Multiple Interacting Learning Agorithm) : The classroom hours include lectures intermixed with students group activities like Role Plays, Group based interactions, Mind mapping etc.

MILS (Management Invited Lecture Series) : In MILS, Executives from various Industries are invited to interact with the students.

SOFTWARE LAB : Technical proficiency in Report preparation, Analytical skills in EXCEL and SPSS are imparted

Personality Development and Soft Skills (PDSS) : Students overall personality development and soft skills necessary for personal and professional life are handled.

WRITTEN and ORAL communication Lab : Business communication, both oral and written communication skills are imparted.

SECTORAL PROJECTS : Students have to do individual Mini projects in various sectors of their choice.

EVENT MANAGEMENT : Students will decide, design, and deliver/organize a mega event for the SSM.

CREATIVE LAB : Inducing and encouraging creativity in students.

INCUBATION CELL : Initiated to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurial skills among the student community.